So yesterday, if you follow me on social media you obviously know that I was at Gov Ball 2017 on Randall’s Island in NY because of all of the pictures, videos, stories, etc (sorry not sorry, at least my feed looks pretty). Let me just say, it was a BLAST. It was my first festival and it was just so fun.

What’s great about festivals, I learned, is that you can literally where whatever the fudge you want. Literally ANYTHING, and no one will look twice. Probably. I did notice that many people had the same shirt idea as me, because I saw at least 10 people wearing the same shirt as me in all of the different colors I could’ve bought it in, but I only saw one girl wearing the same blue one that I did.

It was also awesome to see so many different artists live, and to be in a place where everyone was just there to jam to some good music. For the most part, people were pretty nice. At least for New York. We ran into some nasty people later in the day, but more on that later. People were willing to take our pictures and share close space for the most part.

So, when we first got there we listened to Michael Blume perform. He was cool and fun, I just didn’t know any of the words to his songs. TIP: memorize all of the lyrics to every song from all of your favorite artists. It’s way more fun when you can sing along.

Next, I ate some falafels. I didn’t catch a look at the name of the stand that I got them from, but they were pretty darn good. Yum.


Next, we listened to Judah and the Lion, from Nashville. I was sort of familiar with some of their songs, but they really stood out to me. Their performance was so fun and engaging and they really knew how to put on a show. Every member is so unique and quirky and their style of music is so different. Literally so fun. You didn’t have to know their music because they somehow made everyone feel welcome. One guy climbed the rafters and the lead singer crowd surfed. It was cool. I would say that this was probably the most impressive performance that I saw and not what I expected.


Next, we scooted over to the Strumbellas. Now, I love the Strumbellas, but I have to say that their performance was kind of disappointing. They sounded great, other than the OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD BASS THAT DROWNED OUT EVERYTHING ELSE AND MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO HEAR THE WORDS. There was just something about the performance that wasn’t as engaging and vibrant as the other performances. I noticed that a lot of people in the crowd really didn’t know much of their music, so that probably contributed to the lack of awesomeness. People were having normal conversations while in the crowd which kind of killed the mood, but I really believe that if the damn bass wasn’t so loud, people might’ve been able to hear the words and actually recognize the words. I love the acoustic sound of the Stumbellas and the use of acoustic guitars and violins, but they just didn’t fulfill the duties of festival performers. I think that they would throw an amazing performance maybe in a much smaller venue where they have fans that actually know words to their songs. But don’t get me wrong, I love that band.

We then ran across the park to watch Kehlani, who is an inspiring female artist, but I just don’t like her music. I wasn’t really impressed.

After that, we had a break where we could take pictures and get more food. We got some kind of matcha ice cream thing and a lemon poppyseed donut. My lemon poppyseed donut was mouthwatering. Not the best thing ever, but definitely delicious. I love lemon poppyseed and never thought to apply it to a donut. very refreshing.


Next, we listened to Bleachers. Jack Antonoff is an incredibly talented guy, and he writes songs that are so well suited for festivals. It’s amazing. I only knew all of the words to one song, but I recognized almost every song and knew the words to bits and pieces of them and that was really, really fun. It’s really hard to not enjoy yourself during a performance by him. I only took a video of his performance and couldn’t figure out a way to put it in here, but it was awesome.

After that, we had some time and we sat on the lawn/took some more pictures.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


AND THEN, we saw the one and only queen, Lorde. I love her so much. And now I love her even more. It was so surreal to see her perform live. Actually, to even see her in real life as an actual person was so incredible. I didn’t call her performance the one that I was most impressed by because I had extremely high expectations for it and it did not disappoint. She is so talented and such a lovely human being. I knew all of the words to her songs except for two, and that’s because I believe that they’re on her upcoming album and haven’t been released yet. She puts on an amazing show, and she teamed up with Jack Antonoff to sing her two slow songs from the new album, which was also amazing. Overall, my life is almost complete because I got to see her perform live. What an amazing person.


(This is the stage from “Green Light”)

While Lorde performed, she came down onto the ground to touch people’s hands, and this somehow allowed for the crowd to push up ten feet or so, and when she finished, this horrible thing where everyone was shoved against each other happened and there was no air and no way out. It sucked because everyone was yelling at each other and there was no joke no way to move or get out, and I wasn’t about to wait in that for an hour for Chance, so after an hour of almost being crushed or suffocated to death, we finally got out. It was scary. If people had just made an opening, we could’ve gotten out, but instead people just yelled that they were not going to move because they were staying for Chance, and that we should go around to get out, but let me ask- How do we get out when THERE’S LITERALLY NOWHERE TO GO? I don’t think I’ve ever been closer to someone than I was for that amount of time. Not cool. To finish off this rant, why do people feel the need to try and push their way forward in a crowd when there’s literally no room? Your view doesn’t get any better! And then people get mad when others don’t make room for them, but they’re the ones who are pushing people out of the way! Just saying.

I then got some delicious bread pudding from Magnolia Bakery.

Lastly, we stayed on the lawn to listen to Chance, and I would guess that the majority of people there were there waiting for him, too. I don’t like his music, but everyone else wanted to stay so I figured I’d give him a chance. What do people like about him? I totally respect and appreciate him for his background and the way he conducts himself in the music industry and how he gives back to his community and all, but what else is there? Why is he so popular? I’m pretty sure that he didn’t say one complete sentence performing. His songs were all just dull background music and he just mumbled shit into the microphone. There was no substance no nothing and I just don’t understand. I was more disappointed in him than I expected to be.

That being said, it didn’t take away from the rest of the festival. It was an amazing day, with relatively amazing weather (other than some random 10-minute sun shower) . I saw Lorde perform live. Everything was amazing.

Thanks, Gov Ball 2017.


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