searching for imperfections

It is currently 9:35 on a Friday night and after hours of cranking out some articles for my internship with The Odyssey, I somehow still have the inspiration and motivation to write this little post.

For whatever reason, I’ve really been noticing how much I point out the imperfections in not only other people, but myself, too, more than I should. What’s the point of being so negative? Everywhere that I go, everywhere that I see people, it’s as if my brain has been hardwired to only find flaws in what I see. “There is no such thing as perfect,” I say to myself, and when I do see something or someone who is pretty darn perfect, I then try even harder to find a flaw.

I’ve gotten pretty good at this “finding yourself” thing this past year after having completely lost who I was for almost two years because of one single person, and I can’t wait for the turns that this journey will take once I get to college, but even though I am happier in this sense and trying to really love who I aspire to be and the entire process of becoming that person, I still look for all of my imperfections. I blame society, whose cold, cold heart has taught us to seek perfection in other things and not ourselves. We know that this is a lie, too, because we can always find imperfections about other people and things thanks to society as well, but we are hardest on ourselves.

“These clothes look terrible, my arms are too fat, my thighs too big, my hair too thin and frizzy, my ankles too wide, my calves too big, my shoulders too broad, my face too round, my double chin always being present, my stomach too big waist too big hips too wide,” blah, blah, blah, the list goes on, you get the point.

These are all things that I say about myself on the daily, and while I know that I can never make them disappear completely, I have to wonder why they deserve all of this space in my brain. And when I see someone that I am either jealous of or think is really cool and being-my-friend worthy I always somehow find everything that I don’t like about them, as if I just cannot accept that they are uniquely beautiful.

We are all beautiful, and nothing is perfect. (There are some ugly people out there not because of how they look but what they do, I know, but it kills my thunder here). Why don’t we all try to find beauty in the imperfections since they take up so much of our thought space? Why don’t I try to think of my weirdly-shaped body that no one else seems to have and my ridiculously round face as things that make me unique? Things that make me different from others and beautiful as a human being. We are all beautiful whether we acknowledge it or not. We all only get one shot at life on Earth and we make ourselves miserable every single day trying to focus on making everything imperfect, when the real beauty is in the imperfections.

Search for imperfections, like we all so naturally do, and instead of searching for zealous negativity, search for the beauty, because the most beautiful things in life are found in the imperfections.

This was some truly motivational shiz. Very unlike myself. But take it as you will.



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