falling in love with a polaroid

Last week I traveled to a town just outside of D.C. to do a babysitting/au pair job for three days. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was in for, but I semi knew the parents and really knew the baby, considering the fact that I had just babysat him at his grandparent’s house every day for a month and felt like I couldn’t say no to going to his actual house to help out for a few days.

I had to take a train from Poughkeepsie to Penn Station, and then Penn to a stop right outside of D.C. on Amtrak. The first ride down I only got to watch the sunset as I traveled down the Hudson River to N.Y.C. and I saw the night lights of Philadelphia, arriving at my final destination at about 2 a.m.

My über dropped me off in this neighborhood full of townhouses, but don’t judge yet, because these townhouses were huge, and five floors high. 

I went to bed when I got there without really looking at the house, but when I woke up I got to really see just how beautiful this house was. Each floor had a relatively different style/theme to it, the main living area/master bedroom being a stylish and chic modern contemporary, like a picture right out of the RH Modern magazine, while other floors looked like they were straight out of IKEA, and others having a sweetly rustic “Target decor” kind of look. While none of these are really my personal interior style, it was all so beautiful and definitely “magazine picture” worthy.

Until the last day, I had managed to ignore the Fujifilm Instax mini on the counter. For so long I have wanted to own a polaroid camera and take thousands of pictures with it. I figured that one shot wouldn’t hurt, so I figured out how to turn it on and shoot and I took this adorable picture of the dog in the house.

I knew that I was sold the second that I pushed that button, the flash went, and the film started to roll out. I knew that it had to be somewhere dark so I lay it in the closet and waited.

The fact that I had felt so excited taking just one little shot and watching the magic of the picture appear inspired me to finally buy my own polaroid camera.

My “one shot won’t hurt” theory didn’t go over so well, because I ended up taking six pictures, a.k.a. using 3/4 of their film pack, which I genuinely feel guilty about but don’t regret at all. I cannot wait to use my cameras in Beacon this weekend and then in Minneapolis in 3 weeks. (3 weeks? I leave in 3 weeks? What?)

On my way home, I put together my amazon polaroid shopping cart, and watched the East Coast scenery go by. The sun was out for my entire ride back up to N.Y.C., so I got to see Wilmington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia in the light which was amazing because I’ve never seen any of them that closely before.

One of my favorite shows is “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” so seeing Philly for real was really cool (even though the show isn’t actually shot in Philly).

In the end, I fell in love with polaroids. I imagined myself explaining the meanings behind my six shots as if I were a professional, and can’t wait for mine to show up at my door today.


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