Welcome to my blog, sundaywaffle. I have always loved to write and feel that I occasionally have some good stuff to say, so what better way to do so than through a blog? I am (almost) a college student who loves a whole bunch of things including music, photography, world cultures, quirky books, fashion/design/architecture, PLANTS, receiving stuff in the mail, the color yellow, attempting to save the planet, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds, planning my world travels, adventuring, cute coffee shops, big cities, great vegetarian food, animals (preferably cows, sloths, llamas and dogs but anything will do), listening to podcasts, have I interested you yet? Clearly this blog has no niche because how could anyone with so many interests have a niche for their blog? As I live my life maybe I’ll find something to settle into but for now this blog does a pretty good job of talking about everything that I’ve listed. Plus, it has a really cool feature of following me on my journey getting ready to leave for college and being a college student. Tons of people can relate to that, right?

I currently live in New York about an hour and a half north of the city but will be moving out to Minneapolis/St. Paul at the end of August to attend the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a double major in Journalism and something else and probably some type of minor. No guarantees though because I’m extremely indecisive.

So, if any of these things sound intriguing to you, I guarantee that you’ll find something cool about it on this blog if you take the time to look around, and I encourage you to leave feedback on my posts. It is greatly appreciated.

Peace out,