Rich People Problems book review

So far, college has taught me that I can do hours of homework a day yet still have hours of free time on my hands. I spend a lot of those free hours exploring the city, but for the rest, I have spent them reading.

I just recently finished Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan, and I have to say that I was thoroughly satisfied when I finished the novel.

This novel highlights the troubles that a very dramatic and wealthy few Asian families have to deal with when a family member passes away and it is uncertain as to who the her money should go to.

At first, it is very difficult to keep up with who’s who because there’s just so many characters in this book, but by the end, I was slightly more familiar (there is a chart though in the beginning for those of us who can’t keep track and get confused).

What I think that I enjoyed most about this book was that it was about a bunch of rich people and all of their rich people problems, yet there was somehow a genuine story and lesson that came out of a bunch of rich people dramatically anticipating who was going to receive the fortune, and it was even pretty funny at times, too.

I also enjoyed that the story revolved around Asian families and not the typical rich white people that we normally read about. I felt like I got a good amount of cultural education as I read it, and if a book can make that fun, I’m in.

Overall, highly recommend this book for a lightly suspenseful, genuine, and appropriately funny read.


freshman orientation

Happy Tuesday!

This past week I was at my freshman orientation at the University of Minnesota, and lemme just say, WOW I LOVE THIS SCHOOL. It is so beautiful and Minneapolis is incredible. Minnesota, who knew? Assuming that my education turns out pretty well, imagine if I hadn’t have applied there spur of the moment? Oh how life would be different.

Orientation was one long and really tedious day, all to not really learn anything that I didn’t know. I did get to register for my classes though which was really cool, and I got to meet my academic advisor who seems pretty chill.

Being thrown into some random group at orientation showed me what it was really like to not know a single person going to this school. Within my group, I could instantly tell who was going to group off, and I ended up being pretty spot-on. There were the REALLY weird people, the guys with manbuns that felt the need to vape all day, the super popular and ditsy-looking girls, and then me and my fellow middle-of-the-roaders.

ALSO: the number of times that I was asked why I chose to come to Minnesota all the way from New York. TOO MANY.

But, as I started to sort of make friends, we ended up having fun after orientation was over because we tried to go to Dinkytown, got lost, made it, and then made it back in the dark. Who knows if I’ll actually meet up with these people again once school actually starts, but it proved to me that I most likely will be capable of actually making friends there.

For classes, I’m taking an intro to logic course, an “understanding cultures” anthropology course (YES), the pre-journalism course, Arabic, and campus orchestra. I had to fight to take orchestra because that puts me at 19 credits but it’s just orchestra and hopefully it won’t be hard??? And there was no audition so it can’t be that bad, right??? (Conflicted too because I have to bring my viola but I also really want to bring my guitar and how do I get that there/where do I put it but I really want it ://////// )

I’m semi terrified to take Arabic, but, new school new me and I am up for the challenge.

What I also loved about having no friends and being a complete stranger was that I get to really embrace being the person that I’ve always wanted to be without fear of judgement from my high school peers. I am so excited for this. I’m even considering picking figure skating back up because why not? And it’s Minnesota so duh. I also want to learn how to play hockey. SOOOO excited for hockey.

Here are some cool pictures-

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After I finished registering for classes on day 2, my mom and I went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and then inside the Walker Art Museum.

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yellow thing

You can’t beat the cherry. Iconic.

Minneapolis and UMN, I love you. Please be good to me.

BOOK CLUB: almost adulting by arden rose

WELCOME to my first “Book Club” post!

I found the book, “Almost Adulting” by Arden Rose in the “Books” section of the Urban Outfitters website and thought it looked really cool, so I bought it. I didn’t really know much about Arden Rose, but after I read this I became obsessed. She is just so cool and quirky and unique in a world of social media where every public figure kinda seems the same.

Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset
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Arden has such a FUN personality and the way that she talks just makes me happy to see someone so individual. I even find her and her boyfriend, Will Darbyshire, to be really adorable and I am never one for social media relationships. After reading this book, I looked into her Youtube channel and fell in love, I followed her on I think everything, started listening to her podcast (more on that in another post), and bought the Ohhdeer Papergang box that she helped to design. She’s just such a delight to follow and she just radiates positive vibes through sharing every part of her life, the good and the bad, on social media. I mean, under her name on the cover she calls herself a “person of the internet.” C’mon how is that not uniquely intriguing.

On to the actual book.

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In this book, Arden covers a bunch of different topics relating to becoming an adult in a quirky way that an ordinary, concrete guide wouldn’t necessarily provide. As can be seen in the picture below, these are the topics that she covers.

Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset
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It might not actually seem like she gives you a completely comprehensive guide, but you can’t let the titles of the chapters dissuade you. After reading this whole book, it gave me such a different outlook on life and I was extremely satisfied after finishing it. It makes you feel like you are not alone on the scary journey into adulthood and that it’s okay to seem lost sometimes.

I think that the book is targeted more towards people in their early twenties but I definitely related to most of it and know that the stuff that she talked about that doesn’t currently apply to me will at some point in the near future. You just get such an insightful look into adulthood from one individual’s life, and she doesn’t hold anything back or mask anything up and it’s just great.

I am in love with how she talks about things from a real perspective. There’s no bullshitting, saying corny things, talking like a robot like other people who have tried to explain adulting do, saying that if you work hard everything will work out, blah blah blah. She’s real, and there’s nothing I love more than someone who is just REAL.

The only thing that I sort of question from this book is that Arden Rose is a human who never went to college and makes a living off of social media who moved out to L.A. when she was 18. I’m not making any generalizations, it’s just that some of the stuff she talks about may not directly apply to all of us who are going to be headed out to college or already in college. I’m definitely not saying that being a Public Figure/social media icon is easy, it’s just different from going to college trying to figure out what to do with your life and then being thrown out into the real world without a huge audience driving your income. Then again, most of what she talks about applies to anyone and you’ll get the most out of this book if you just think about all people in this age range as individual humans all working towards a common goal, all going through different journeys that end up in the same place: adulthood.

It’s pages like this that make me fall in love with this book over and over again.


In the end, this book is just incredible. I’ve been amazed at her ability to write in such a captivating and insightful way, which was not something that I was expecting from a youtuber in L.A. without a college education. She proved my judgmental self wrong and she is just empowering and incredible.

EVERY YOUNG ADULT SHOULD READ THIS BOOK. You can get it here!!!!!!!!!!!

So read it!


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papergang x ohhdeer (may)

Happy Sunday!

I’ve spent my entire Sunday morning cleaning out my closet, and somehow, after 3 super-sized heavy duty trash bags, and five normal sized ones full of clothes and who knows what else, my closet looks exactly the same. How is that even possible? How do I have so much stuff? Almost three times a year I give three bags full of clothes to my neighbors that I either don’t fit in or just don’t wear anymore and still had that much stuff in my closet. And I still have a full rack of clothes that are in there because I’m hoping to make money off of them on depop. AND under my bed is a whole different story. Crazy.

The other day I received the Ohhdeer Papergang Box for May even though I cancelled my subscription to Papergang mid-May simply because I can’t afford it. I’m curious if I got charged for the box because I honestly did not expect to receive the next box, but I’m not complaining. My subscription says that it has been deactivated so oh well, still got the box!

May’s box was a collaboration with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and I believe that $1 from each box went to support the organization which is the bee’s knees because we need to save the bees, and me saying this means it must be serious because I am terrified of bees but still know that we need them. Except hornets and wasps, I hope those monsters die painful deaths.

In this box was a yellow pencil, a felt covered notebook, a small July calendar, and three postcards with silly facts about bees on them.

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I have to say that this box was nowhere near as cool as the April Arden Rose box, and had a significantly smaller amount of stuff in it. Sort of disappointing, not gonna lie. And I’m really not a fan of teal so that probably contributed to me not really liking it.

In the end, it was still fun to receive a cute box in my mailbox that I wasn’t expecting.

If this cool idea of stationary coming to your door sounds fun, you can subscribe to Papergang by Ohhdeer here.

Peace out,


papergang x ohhdeer

Happy Thursday!

You are probably wondering what the heck the title of this post means, but wonder no more, because I am excitedly going to explain!

Receiving a package in the mail for me is one of the simplest things in my life that brings a smile to my face. It doesn’t even matter what it is, if it has my name on it and isn’t something I owe money for, you know I’ll be sunshine-like happy to open it. So, to satisfy my receiving-something-in-the-mail obsession, as well as my conflicting paper-goods quirk (you know, having cool paper goods but wanting to save the trees and environment at the same time, ugh), I found the perfect solution.

Ohhdeer is a paper arts company based out of the U.K., and Papergang is the monthly subscription to Ohhdeer. When you subscribe to Papergang for 9.99 euros plus about 4.99 shipping and fees, you receive a monthly box filled with über cute paper goods that are in collaboration with different artists. The box that inspired me to subscribe of course was that of Arden Rose because I LOVE her. Obviously, a $16 box is something that I will not be able to afford for very long, BUT FOR NOW, I will LOVE IT.

For April, this is what the box looks like and what was inside of it.


Besides the box being beautiful, the stuff inside is really cool, too. Inside of this box there was a little letter from Arden, a pink pencil, a large notepad, one birthday and one thank you card with envelopes, a pack of stickers, a one sheet little June calendar, and a handy little planner. Originally I was super curious as to how a planner would work because it’s almost halfway through May, but the planner doesn’t have specific dates, each page has a blank space on top to write the day, and space to write your daily to-do’s.

Overall, opening this box from the U.K. was extremely fun, especially since I didn’t know what was in there, and if this is something that sounds fun I definitely suggest subscribing. It does take a few weeks for the box to come and it feels like you’re the last one to get it because it has to cross an ocean, but I am truly glad that I somehow stumbled across the Ohhdeer Instagram page and found this little gem.

May’s box is in collaboration with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and since my subscription renewed right at the beginning of May, you can expect another blog post about that box sometime in the first half of June.

You can also follow Ohhdeer on Instagram @ohhdeer and Papergang @thepapergang 🙂

Have a splendid rest of the day,



Okay, if you’re like me, you LOVE stickers. Who needs friends when you have stickers. Kidding. But anyways, I’ve always loved stickers. They’re just SO FUN and if you don’t think so you’re missing out because sometimes the littlest things in life can make someone happy.

I saw a friend of mine tweet about Redbubble stickers, and I was like huh, I should check that out. The only problem is that now I’m OBSESSED omg. I never knew that one could fall in love with stickers so easily. Redbubble has SO many stickers, you could search the site for hours. And they’re not just stickers, they’re super hip stickers that people will ask you about and where you got them, so bonus. I feel that stickers are such an easy, cheap, and unique way to really express your personality and I’m always down for easy, cheap and unique ways to express my personality.

I decided to look at the “trending” section, and I’m just in love. I love this site, and you can get really cool stickers for really good prices, and the more you buy, the more of a discount you get. These are the stickers that I got:sticker.jpg

All of these for like $13, which is pretty cool because they’re a quality size too, and easy to remove. This is how I decided to use them (my laptop is covered in stickers but these ones stand out because they’re so much cooler than the rest):sticker2sticker1sticker3

If you ever want some cool stickers, you know where to find them. And if you want any of the ones I got, see below.


You Birkenrock



Abstract Squidward



Girl Power